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Münster is well worth seeing: St. Lamberti's Church

Of Baptists and tower keepers

St. Lamberti's Church

increaseSt. Lamberti's Church

St. Lamberti’s Market and Town Church is located where the Roggenmarkt (rye market) and Alter Fischmarkt (old fish market) lead to the Prinzipalmarkt. However, the hall church, which was built between 1375 and 1450, owes its high profile neither to the unusual relief of the Root of Jesse cresting the main portal nor to the fact that Cardinal von Galen preached his bold sermons during the Nazi era here, but rather to the gruesome history behind the three cages up on the spire. That’s where the corpses of the three Baptist movement leaders were hung in the mid-16th century.


The tower keeper

vergrößernThe tower keeper

St. Lamberti accommodates the “loftiest charge office” in Münster, the Türmerstube (chamber of the tower keeper). A tower keeper is mentioned for the first time in records dating to 1379. Except for a few hiatuses, Münster has had a tower keeper since 1950, whose copper bugle can be heard every night (9-12 p.m. on the half-hour, except Tuesdays).

Our tip: Do you worship Goethe and Schiller? In that case, you should have a very close look at the statues above the closed main portal of St. Lamberti from the Prinzipalmarkt!

St. Lamberti's Church


Wheelchair access at the "Salzstraße" side entrance; outer door 90cm, inner doors 83cm (can be opened by request) and 80cm


Induction loop in rows 1 to 7 in the nave


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