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Münster is well worth seeing: Kuhviertel

Having a good time in the old town



No visit to Münster would be perfect without a Westphalian evening in the Kuhviertel. The entertainment district, steeped in tradition, is a living mix of students’ pubs and cosy, typically Westphalian restaurants - the “Pinkus Müller” for instance, a dark beer brewery where you'll be seated underneath ancient beams painted with aphorisms at long wooden tables where whole generations of guests have immortalised themselves.

But the Kuhviertel has a lot to offer even during the day. It’s probably the most pristine place in Münster. Alleys with nooks and crannies, little shops with owner-operated businesses and restaurants invite you to stroll around.

Our tip: Why not cook in the typically Westphalian vein? Here are two good and solid recipes for you to copy for your retrospective evening following the visit to Münster.


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