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More Münster with us!

As multifarious as is the city of Münster, as multifaceted are the tasks to be handled by Münster Marketing. We would like to give you an insight into our work - and the objectives we're pursuing with it. This includes, for example, upgrading the city centre, increasing distinctiveness of the scientific and economic location as well as strengthening Münster as a touristic attractor in both the national and international competition of cities.

In everything we do for our city and the region at large, we feel committed to a long-term task: to keep people aware of Münster’s very special history and, in the process, to frame the city's present and future in a way that lets citizens, visitors, and guests experience its particularities.

Together with our numerous partners from industry, science, and culture, we are working on keeping the uniqueness of our city alive while increasing its appeal: with an effective and modern city marketing system that’s committed to the traditions and in perpetual dialogue with the people in Münster and their guests.

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