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Events and dates

What's up in Münster?

Be it top athletic performances, cultural highlights or plenty of fun for the young and old - Münster's calendar of events is filled to the brim throughout the year. And it often includes highlights that attract international even attention.

We’ve drawn up a series of special events for the current year in more detail.

We would be pleased to assist you in booking the appropriate hotel room or selecting the accompanying programme. Just call us or send us an e-mail.

27.8.2015 - 30.8.2015
Turnier der Sieger
Tournament of Champions
Major riding and show-jumping event

European, world, and Olympic champions are coming to battle for victories and rankings. The equestrian event in Muenster is one of the oldest German tournaments and enjoys enormous popularity in one of the most important horse-breeding areas in Germany.
28.8.2015 - 30.8.2015
45. Montgolfiade
Hot-air Ballooning

Enjoy that feeling of freedom and experience a sense of community at a dizzying height. Who wouldn't want to feel like this at some time? The visitors to this year's Hot-air Ballooning can get a taste of it. The balloonists start on the Aa Lake meadows on the northern shore between the Mühlenhof and the Zoo.
3.9.2015 - 5.9.2015
Das Fest der Museen und Galerien in Münster
The festival of museums and galleries
For four days in September, Münster becomes a well-mixed cocktail made up of art, culture and "dolce far niente". Illuminations, exhibitions, lounges, live music and the city's many and varied food offerings provide visitors with an intoxicating mix for all the senses.
6.9.2015 - 6.9.2015
Volksbank Münster Marathon
The runners cover over 42 kilometres here in Muenster. The route passes through different parts of town in Muenster, and of course through the historic city centre, Muenster's "parlour".
19.9.2015 - 19.9.2015
Flea Market

Muenster's flea market is one of the largest open-air flea markets in Europe and attracts thousands of visitors from home and abroad every year. The large flea market will take place on the Schlossplatz and the bordering promenade.
3.10.2015 - 3.10.2015
10. Sparkassen Münsterland Giro 2015
On the 3rd of October, Muenster will become the centre for professional cyclists. The UCI Muensterland Giro is a cycle race that leads the participants through the beautiful landscape of the Muensterland.
24.10.2015 - 1.11.2015
Münsters größtes Volksfest
Autumn fun fair

The Send - Münster's biggest carnival and the oldest annual fair in the Münsterland - attracts over a million visitors every year. Around 250 fairground operators from all over Germany come three times a year to present the latest sensations on the Schlossplatz.
13.12.2015 - 13.12.2015
Verkaufsoffener Advent-Sonntag
Sunday opening

Shops within the belt of the "Promenade" as well as within the area around the station are open beetwen 1 and 6 pm and invite you for shopping on Sunday!
23.11.2015 - 21.12.2015
Christmas markets

Münster's Christmas markets are unique: over 300 stands and festive illumination await the visitors in the wonderful atmosphere of the historical old town. The Christmas market stands are lined up along the market streets like pearls in a chain. They are just a few minutes walk from one another other.

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