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Convening successfully since 1648

Münster ranks among the most beautiful and deeply steeped in tradition congress locations throughout Germany. Being a university and Hanseatic town, the city of the Peace of Westphalia, and one of the members of the Historic Highlights of Germany, Münster offers you everything that renders a convention successful: cosmopolitan and dynamic, Münster provides the daily setting for both national and international meetings, seminars, and conventions. This is guaranteed by the more than 70 hotels, both major and minor, but also by extraordinary conference locations accommodating both smaller groups and major events with 4,000 participants.

The town-hall

vergrößernThe town-hall

Münster made a European-wide name for itself as a congress location as early as in 1648. 150 missions from all over Europe with their followings were guests here to negotiate the termination of the Thirty Years’ War over a period of four years - successfully! The Peace of Westphalia was sealed in the town hall of Münster.

Today, Münster is a modern major city of 280,000 inhabitants, an innovative and strong business location, a city of both science and savoir-vivre. Münster has stayed true to its tradition. The cosmopolitan and hospitable city is qualified best to turn your event, too, into a success - with plenty of dedication and a package of historical experiences, culture, atmosphere, landscape, and culinary specialties.

We are the contact point for any questions regarding congress marketing. We offer you individual service elements, from hotel reservations to specifically arranged offer packages and benefits that will ensure your event to become a success.

Please feel free to contact us for any information regarding the congress location Münster.

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