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Living Space in the City Centre

The historical old town is a trademark that has to be protected in order to preserve the exceptional quality of Münster. Through cooperation with our partners, we ensure that the old town will remain the cultural and commercial hub of the city, while maintaining its appeal and charm for both residents and visitors.



Since its founding in 2002, Citymanagement has done much for the future-orientated development of the city and has achieved a statewide status as a role model. The Initiative Starke Innenstadt (Initiative for a Strong City Centre) and the Immobilien- und Standortgemeinschaft Bahnhofsviertel e.V. (Railway Station District Realty and Area Association) are both networks that foster direct contact between Münster Marketing and various partners in the city centre. The result of this close collaboration has been successful projects, such as childcare in the city hall tower, the annual Hansetafel culinary event, or the artistic and cultural classic, Schauraum.

Münster can be strengthened through active and innovative special interest groups, who always have a stake in continuing Münster traditions. The elaboration of a clear profile is especially important for Citymanagement and is executed through projects such as the lighting concept for the improved appearance of public spaces or the Möblierungsknigge (furniture standards) for outdoor dining.

The initiation and establishment of events are also among the tasks of Citymanagement, which also include communication between various entities in the city center and the city district marketing. Only through joint efforts can the city continue to reinvent itself.

Anja Hitzler-Spital

Anja Hitzler-Spital

Anja Hitzler-Spital
Phone + 49 (0)2 51.4 92-27 56
Fax + 49 (0)2 51.4 92-79 54
E-Mail hitzler-spital@stadt-muenster.de

Diana Walbröl

Diana Walbröl

Diana Walbröl
Phone + 49 (0)2 51.4 92-27 53
Fax + 49 (0)2 51.4 92-79 54
E-Mail Walbroel@stadt-muenster.de

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