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Bicycle capital Münster: Bicycle tours

Bicycle tours in and around Münster

About 4,500 kilometres of signposted bicycle paths take you out of the city centre and into the gorgeous, mostly flat parkland of the Münsterland. Cycle straight ahead or follow one of the many theme routes. We have compiled the most beautiful ones at a glance.

Comprehensive cartographical material for all tours can be obtained for prices of only EUR 1.00 to EUR 15.00 maximum (plus mailing expenses) from the Münster Information Centre.

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Bicycle saddle

Bicycle tours in and around Münster

Expeditions by bicycle

more information

'skulptur projekte münster 07'

Bicycle route Sculpt(o)ur

Following the trail of the sculpture exhibitions

more information

Peace symbol

Route of Peace

Following the trail of the Peace of Westphalia

More Information



Bicycling with all your senses

More Information

Burg Hülshoff

Route of 100 Castles

The queen among the bicycle tours

More Information

Werse river

Werse Bicycle Route

Between spring and mouth of the Werse river

More Information


Bicycle Route Dortmund-Ems Canal

From the Ruhr to the mud flats

More Information

Münsterlander parkland

European Bicycle Route R 1

Across the Münsterland

More Information

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