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Münster is the most liveable city world-wide!

Why Münster?

Planning the future

Systematically into the future

"With history into the future" was the motto of Münster's application for the LivCom Award 2004 as well as the title of a brochure for the preliminary round of the competition.
(Source: Münster City Council, Graphic: high standArt)

The basis of all the projects in the urban development process is formed by the high environmental and natural landscape qualities of the city, a broad leisure-time activities’ and sports’ offer as well as the social balance in the urban society. Münster’s special qualities of life can only be retained in the future in this way. The city can make use of tried and tested tools in the form of the Functional space concept, the Green Space Ordinance, the Environmental Plan, the Landscape Plan, the Altstadt Framework Plan, the Suburb Framework Plan and the Transportation Development Plan. In addition there is the constant monitoring of success e.g. by means of the environmental reporting, the work with sustainability indicators and regular citizen surveys. Strengthened by the experiences of the past all the future projects shall also be developed in discussion and with the active participation of the citizens.

With History into the Future

This principle has been successfully employed in Münster for centuries. Münster is planning its future in the same way it planned its past – systematically. The city combines tradition and innovation so that it has a sustainable future and can therefore rest assured that the following also applies: "Making history with the future". Münster wants to make history by means of its future planning and thus to also remain a city, which is worth living in and loving, in the future.

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