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Münster is the most liveable city world-wide!

Why Münster?

Planning the future

At the end of the two year ISM-Process a commitment had been agreed upon, which the council of the city of Münster passed in May 2004. It describes which objectives all actions in Münster should be based on:


  • We are a city with a high sense of responsibility
    • for the good educational, cultural and living prospects of our children and young people,
    • for a family friendly form of urban development that takes account of the needs of all the generations
    • for the comprehensive participation of people with disabilities in city life,
    • for the equality of men and women in all sectors of the city’s society,
    • for the strengthening of the principle of subsidiarity and the promotion of citizen autonomy and the free sponsoring agencies,
    • for social solidarity between all sections of the society,
    • for good neighbourly relations between people with German and foreign origins,
    • for the fostering of intercultural life,
    • for the necessity of the sustainable structuring of the future,
    • for local and global connections,
    • for humanitarian forms of action that secure peace.
  • We are aware of the special significance of our city districts and will also ensure they continue to be lively areas that are capable of functioning in the future.
  • We are aware of the close links between the city, Münsterland and Westphalia and will therefore assume a special level of responsibility for the joint developments in this area.
  • We shall continue to back the commitment of the citizens, a diverse urban life and the special Münster feeling of all those people, who feel they have ties with our city.

Our profile

Science and savoir-vivre

Our guiding points of reference

The square of the Westphalian Peace behind the historical city-hall with the hall of peace: in the centre of the square one finds the sculpture "Tolerance through Dialogue", that was created by Eduardo Chillida for the 1200 year anniversary of the City in 1993. The sculpture is a loan of the WestLB.
(Source: Press Office, Münster City Council)
  • We shall become one of the leading educational, scientific, research and development locations in Europe.
  • As an economic location we shall become the city of the dynamic small to medium sized businesses in North Rhine Westphalia.
  • We shall develop international projects as a cultural centre of our country.
  • We want to continue to be the administrative and institutional centre for public and private services in Westphalia and actively contribute towards their modernisation.
  • We shall retain the city’s unmistakeable cityscape and strengthen the city as location where people meet, as a market place and as a driving force of urban development
  • We shall further develop Münster so that it becomes a city with the highest qualities of life and experience:
    • with high environmental and natural landscape qualities,
    • with a broad offer of leisure-time activities and sports
    • making it a very attractive place which is family-friendly and with a socially balanced urban society.
  • We shall continue to develop Münster as a cosmopolitan city based on our history and the principle of "Tolerance through dialogue".

We shall continue to ensure that Münster has a sustained high quality of life as a balanced city!

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