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Münster is the most liveable city world-wide!

Why Münster?

Integrating people

Participation processes: 3 examples

Even the youngest can have their say about town planning and put forward their ideas, for instance with regard to playground planning and design.
(Source: Office for Urban Development, Urban Planning, Transport Planning, Münster City Council)

The citizens of Münster have an influence and make use of it. Three examples emphasise their integration within planning processes at an early stage:

During the representative citizens’ surveys that are carried out on an annual basis with high response rates, between 40 and 50%, the people surveyed provided qualified statements with respect to all the city’s spheres of life, and this constitutes an important basis of planning in the fields of politics and administration.

At specific projects the Münster city council regularly seeks direct contact with the citizens in workshops. These elaborate procedures meet with a great reception because they are able to actively discuss and structure matters here. These offers have become a model of success for Münster as ideas and projects are created here, which are supported by the citizens. As an example of this reference should be made to the workshop procedure concerning the construction of the "Stubengasse" one of our most prominent inner city locations, which shall no longer be used as a mere carpark but as an attractive centre in the heart of the city.

Münster has embarked on new forms of participation in the area of landscape planning. The form of participation is developed and agreed upon with the farmers and conservation associations prior to the start of the planning process.

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