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Münster is the most liveable city world-wide!

Why Münster?

Integrating people

Information and dialogue

For over ten years the City Council's environmental advice has found an enthusiastic audience.
(Source: Office for Green Spaces and Environmental Protection, Münster City Council)

People who are well informed can make an even better contribution towards the decision making processes. This is why Münster backs intensive and constant PR work in the area of urban development.

Reports about the environment, conservation and urban planning, the "Umwelt Konkret" ("Concrete environmental policy") series, the environmental atlas as well as the most diverse flyers and brochures create transparency. In addition there are more than 30 citizen meetings with respect to the individual projects each year. Numerous events such as the annual environment market, the environment weeks, excursions and speeches provide people with the opportunity of establishing personal contacts.

The citizens can also gain up to date and rapid information from the Internet. The citizens especially like to make use of the Conservation citizen information system. The project that is supported by the Münster city council, the university and honorary conservation groups provides interactive information about the fauna and flora in the city and the landscape and also about the protection of species.

The municipal environmental consultancy provides the mainstay of the direct citizen communication. A municipal team has been providing advice with respect to the issues of funding, construction, the restoration of old buildings, healthy living in houses and environmentally-friendly forms of behaviour in everyday life for more than ten years. Environmental consultancy has been one of the pillars of the "Planning – Construction – Environment" customer centre, which acts as a port of call for architects, people wanting to build and all interested citizens, and provides inter-departmental information and advice regarding planning and environmental matters in Münster from one source since 2002. The Münster city council has thus been exercising a professional form of customer relations management. More than 40,000 contacts per year prove the quality of this offer.

In addition "mobilé" is the first local authority mobility head office throughout Germany, which provides information about all the forms of public transport and is operated by the city council and the municipal transport services – is a positive example of mobility control.

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