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Münster is the most liveable city world-wide!

Why Münster?

Living in an environmentally aware manner

Drinking water

Münster's farmers are taking responsibility for Münster's drinking water by using less fertiliser and pesticide.
(Source: Office for Green Spaces and Environmental Protection, Münster City Council)

The provision of drinking water in Münster is in the hands of the city’s deperatment of works, a wholly-owner subsidiary of the City of Münster. The departments of works cooperate with the local farmers in order to keep the water quality at a constantly high level. The farmers reduce the use of pesticides and fertilisers considerably - and indeed permanently - within the framework of fixed agreements. The observance of this is regularly monitored. In this way the pollution of the drinking water has been greatly reduced and its quality has been secured in the long term – and this has been achieved at acceptable and reasonable prices for the consumer.

Incidentally: The Münster city administration itself does, of course, entirely waive the use of pesticides.

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