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Münster is the most liveable city world-wide!

Why Münster?

Living in an environmentally aware manner

Waste management

By using the latest technology, Münster manages to avoid waste incineration and reduce the volumes of waste going to landfill.
(Source: Münster waste management companies)

Münster has gone down its own special route in the area of waste management. In 1994 the council of the city of Münster unanimously rejected waste incineration in Münster. The city and the citizens wanted an environmentally-friendly alternative and found it in the form of a mechanical biological residual waste form of treatment. In 1990 approx. 330,000 tons of municipal solid waste were disposed of in landfill sites in Münster. When the residual waste treatment plant comes into full operation in 2005 only approx. 23,000 tons will still be landfilled.

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