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Why Münster?

Living in an environmentally aware manner

Loddenheide industrial estate

An example of modern commercial construction at Loddenheide: a heating technology and sanitary engineering company uses photovoltaics, thermal solar energy, rainwater utilization and green roofs.
(Source: Office for Green Spaces and Environmental Protection, Münster City Council)

The Münster city council has realised its visions with respect to the resource-saving development of commercial spaces and work places with a future in the Loddenheide industrial estate and thus set the standards for the subsequent plans. An innovative industrial estate is presently being constructed at a former barracks site that spans 88 hectares. The concept combines the interests of promoting industry and employment with the objectives of the protection of the natural environment and the landscape, the sparing use of resources and an ecological form of construction. The "Friedenspark" ("Peace park") that is 12.5 hectares in size is located in the centre. The industrial estate will be attractive for companies and people in search of forms of recreation due to its generous green spaces and parks, ponds, cycling paths and footpaths as well as its benches.

The city council has also carried out exemplary work in terms of the processing of the site. Dangerous waste from the decades of military use, which endangered the groundwater, was painstakingly removed so the site could be used again in the first place. Demolition materials were reprocessed and directly used again during the construction of the roads and buildings. The innovative rainwater concept – the water is cleaned, stored and introduced to the waterway system via a decentralised rainwater basin system in a central lake in the centre of the green spaces – is an additional positive feature of the industrial estate.

The area provides a special space for the "Workplaces of the future" project. This is where companies set up their businesses, which base their production and sales structures or the architecture of their company building, on futuristic and sustainable procedures. The companies are actively supported by the city council by means of its ecological business consultancy service.

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