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Why Münster?

Living in an environmentally aware manner

Children save energy and waste

The young eco-teams celebrate their success at energy and waste saving in the town hall.
(Source: Office for Green Spaces and Environmental Protection, Münster City Council)

The "Saving energy and waste at schools and nursery schools" Project has its origins in the waste management concept of the city council. Münster refrains from carrying out waste incineration and supports mechanical biological residual waste forms of treatment. The consistent prevention and utilisation of waste forms the focal point of all efforts. And this already begins with the youngest citizens: In 1998 the city council launched a competition for the schools and nursery schools. Ecological teams consisting of children and teachers were formed at these institutions, supported by experts from the city council administration, who all pursued the objective of greatly reducing energy consumption and quantities of waste. As a motivating factor the city council promised each institution that they would be able to freely dispose of 50% of the costs saved. This project is now being offensively further pursued as it has been such an outstanding success. 57 schools and day nurseries already took part in the competition in 2003. Now participation in the energy and waste project is being offered at all the city’s institutions.

Impressive end result

14,000 children saved the following amounts in 2003:

  • 710,000 kWh of heating energy
  • 130,000 kWh of electricity
  • almost 1.1 litres of residual waste = approx. € 80,000

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