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Münster is the most liveable city world-wide!

Why Münster?

Living in an environmentally aware manner

Climate protection capital

Münster's exemplary climate policy has been acknowledged time and again through various prizes. For example, in January 2005, the city was awarded the Climate Star 2004 by the European Climate Alliance for its exemplary climate protection policy.
(Source: Climate Alliance)

At the start of the 1990s the city of Münster faced up to the debate surrounding the climate protection with the extensive participation of the population, joined the climate alliance and drafted a package of measures, which has been consistently implemented since 1996. The city of Münster may now bear the title of "Climate capital" as acknowledgement of this great commitment. The key things that ensured the city was awarded this title were the city’s extensive environmental protection activities with more than 80 individual measures from the fields of energy, transport, housing planning, waste, agriculture and public relations. The core of this is the obligation to reduce CO2- emissions by 25%. Concepts for the saving of energy in private households and in industry will indeed greatly reduce emissions. The conversion of the heating and power stations of the Münster city’s department of works from being coal powered to gas (gas and steam plant) will in itself reduce CO2 emissions by 8%.

Other projects concern, for example the restoration of old buildings and the construction of low-energy houses.

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