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Münster is the most liveable city world-wide!

Why Münster?

Improving the landscape

Münster’s green areas at a glance

Wienburgpark: there is a successful symbiosis between art and green spaces in Münster.
(Source: Office for Green Spaces and Environmental Protection, Münster City Council)
  • 300 hectares of public green spaces
  • 90 hectares of green areas along the streets
  • 60 hectares of green areas bordering on municipal buildings
  • approx. 100 hectares of sports areas
  • 305 playgrounds over an area of 56 hectares
  • 3,840 allotments
  • 150 hectares of cemeteries
  • 340 natural monuments
  • approx. 50,000 individual trees along the streets

(As at 2003/2004)

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