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Münster is the most liveable city world-wide!

Münster - a brief portrait

Data and facts

North Rhine Westphalian higher administrative centre and university city

302 km² - of which approx. 30 % is made up of housing areas and vehicular infrastructure and 70 % is agricultural and forest areas; more than 1/3 of the area is a nature reserve

51°57'46.6'' degrees North; 7°37'43.3'' longitude east; 61.3 metres above sea level

approx. 280,000 inhabitants; population density: 926 inhabitants/km²

151,300 employees; 66,000 commuters

Education/academic sector
7 universities with approx. 50,000 students

Cycle paths
approx. 270 km of cycle paths, in addition approx. 255 km of cycle paths on all purpose rural roads

Traffic routes (Modal Split)
13% by foot, 35% by bike, 11% local public transport, (that represents approx. 60% environmentally sound means of transport), 41% by car

8 Theatres, 30 Museums, 60 Sculptures in the city area, "International SculptureProjects" every 10 years

60 hotels with approx. 4,000 beds, approx. 5 million tourists a year

(As at 2003/2004)

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