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Münster is the most liveable city world-wide!

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The award and its consequences

Media response

The LivCom Award success has generated great media interest in Münster, both nationally and internationally. In the short term, the actual winning of the award itself dominated the headlines. In the medium to long term, the newspapers, TV and radio have been asking the question "What makes this city so liveable?". Time and again journalists come across the liveable and loveable Münster on the internet when researching material for reports on the advantages of locations and sustainable urban design.

Whereas in the past Münster's national titles (most cycle-friendly city, most childfriendly city, climate capital etc.) were frequently used as a synonym or sobriquet, the international award of "most liveable city" is now mentioned in the same breath.


Livcom Award makes the headlines

Münster won the LivCom Gold Award at the end of October 2004. In December 2004 the city press review was published, featuring a number of articles and reports from

  • Local newspapers,
  • Regional newspapers,
  • National newspapers,
  • Magazines,
  • Radio,
  • TV and the
  • Internet.

The items range from agency reports to a front-page story in Germany's leading tabloid newspaper through to a report on a major news programme on national TV. The Mayor of Münster has been much in demand for interviews at international level too, whether it be for Canadian television, a nationwide US radio station or a special feature in the Atlantic Times.

Media interest continues

Media interest continues

In the year since it won the LivCom Award, the City of Münster has issued around 20 press releases reporting on all aspects of the award success and its consequences.

However, the media, too, are consistently addressing the subject of their own accord, particularly in formats that require a longer lead time.

Thus there are in-depth city profiles in the Saturday editions of broadsheets as well as in the travel supplements of national and regional dailies. Travel magazines and women's magazines have also discovered the subject, as has a business magazine programme on the German TV channel ZDF. International film teams, for example from Korea and Finland, have reported from the most liveable city. And there has even been special coverage of Münster on Germany's international broadcaster Deutsche Welle.

In addition, the City's Press Office has made the film which formed part of Münster's entry for the LivCom Award available, free of charge, to well over 20 TV stations in North America, at their request.

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