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Münster is the most liveable city world-wide!

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The award and its consequences

Münster ambassadors in action

Citizens, initiatives and enterprises are showing their pride in the Gold Award for Münster. They are using the LivCom Award to promote Münster.


Greetings from the "Most liveable city in the world"

The City Council made 250,000 postcards available to its citizens so that they could let friends, acquaintances and customers throughout the world know that they live in such a liveable city. The five designs represent the five areas that were assessed for the LivCom Award.


Colourful declaration

With 100,000 stickers, the people of Münster are spreading the message with selfconfidence: "Münster is the most liveable city in the world". People have been stikking the multicoloured speech bubble logos on their Christmas parcels, bicycles, car boots, schoolbags, letters... etc. The city council had distributed them free of charge through the Münster Information Office.


LivCom logo has many uses

The possibility to download the LivCom logo from the council's website is proving very popular. In this way the logo is appearing in club newsletters, business reports, programmes, customer magazines, student prospectuses, advertisements and in e-mails...
Moreover, local people, institutions and organisers are using the logo and/or text on the Internet to tell others about the outstanding qualities of Münster as a place to live, as a business location and as a venue for events.


Promoting Münster as a business location

With the permission of Münster City Council, the Northern Westphalia Chamber of Commerce and Industry has compiled a trailer based on the film with which Münster presented itself at the LivCom Final 2004 in Niagara/Canada.
The trailer is being made available to member companies in Münster in 2005 for Internet use. In this way their business partners and customers can get an initial impression of Münster as a business location, for example through e-mail attachments.

Münster film

Bronze for the Münster film

6w-Film, the company which shot the film for Münster´'s LivCom entry, entered this film in the Los Angeles International Film and Video Festival at the beginning of 2005. The Münster film won third place / Certificate for Creative Excellence.


Carnival goers discover LivCom for themselves

The LivCom Award was even a theme at the Rosenmontag carnival parade in 2005.

photography competition

Young people look through the viewfinder

Münster's biggest daily newspaper has made the LivCom success the subject of its annual schools photography competition in 2005. Boys and girls of all ages are invited to find their own, individual photographic answer to the question: What makes Münster so liveable?


Concert with LivCom song

Various choirs and orchestras from Münster organised a journey through the world of music in the Münsterland Hall in June 2005. The conductor, Gerd Wild, composed a special song about the liveable and loveable city of Münster for this concert.


Colourful poster

Dietmar Wirlitsch, a keen photographer and employee of Münster City Council, has drawn inspiration from the Award success. He has designed a poster with views of the liveable city of Münster, including images of the suburbs. This colourful photo collage is proving very popular and can be obtained for a small fee.

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