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Münster is the most liveable city world-wide!

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The award and its consequences


The LivCom Award is not about short-lived success stories, but rather about sustainable urban development. It will ensure a "liveable" environment in all areas of a city's life over decades and even centuries – one from which both locals and visitors will benefit.

Thus the award success will not be judged on the basis of a snapshot, but through the critical appraisal of long-term plans, both past and present. And in this way Münster can again lay claim to the title "liveable" when the next LivCom Award is presented in November 2005.

Particularly since "liveable" is a good umbrella term for the many different aspects that make living in Münster so attractive to everyone. The awards that Münster has won in the past are examples of this: German bicycle capital, most child-friendly city in Germany, climate capital, one of the most reform-friendly cities in Germany, most male-friendly city, …

And therefore Münster will continue to present itself with self-confidence in the future:
Münster – exceptionally worthwhile!


Münster shows its colours

Two things are clear to both locals and visitors as they drive into Münster: the city has a good quality of life and it has friends throughout the world.

Miles and miles

Miles and miles of Münster advertising

This Münster Marketing Sprinter van covers countless miles of roads, taking Münster material to trade fairs or serving as a promotional van attracting visitors to Münster.


Welcoming visitors

Various major events throughout the year attract large numbers of visitors from out of town to Münster – for example the "Eurocityfest", the "Montgolfiade" hot-air balloon competition, the "Barockfest" or the "Turnier der Sieger" riding show. During these events, banners across the main roads into town extend a warm welcome to visitors.

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