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Michael Stennecken
Greta-Bünichmann-Str. 3
48155 Münster / Germany


Raumfahrt-Historiker / space historian

Industrie-Informatiker / computer scientist

How I came to meet the 2nd Man on the Moon in Houston ?

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My project: “Lost Lunar Landing Sites: The CLLC Initiative” (05 Apr 1998) succeeded finally in a NASA supported study through grant NAG5-4334, published in Aug 25, 2000: Journal of Geophysical Research, Vol. 105, No. E8, pages 20,277-20,280: Merton E. Davies and Tim R. Colvin: “Lunar coordinates in the regions of the Apollo landers”

It acknowledges: "Finally we thank Michael Stennecken of Muenster, Germany, for recognizing the importance of having accurate coordinates of the Apollo landing sites and discussing this issue on his website.

Two years ago I started my project:

http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlkop/stenneck.html (05 Apr 1998): Lost Lunar Landing Sites: The CLLC Initiative

Its development described from now backward to the beginning:

http://www.ari.net/back2moon-2000/0013.html (03 Oct 2000): “Finally, we thank ...

http://www.ari.net/back2moon-2000/0012.html (26 Sep 2000): Suggestions for an Official Version of Lunar Coordinates

http://www.ari.net/back2moon-2000/0000.html (02 Feb 2000): Final Lunar Lander Coordinates

http://www.ari.net/b2m/0430.html (31 Dec 1999): ... before this decade is out

http://www.ari.net/b2m/0374.html (02 Feb 1999): The Mean Earth/Polar Axis coordinate system

http://www.ari.net/b2m/0364.html (01 Jan 1999): Moon Prime Meridian - Mean Earth/Polar Axis or West Pole? (another idea from the Chair of the ‘Oregon Moon Base’)

http://www.ari.net/b2m/0363.html (01 Jan 1999): The CLLC-initiative on national agenda

http://www.ari.net/b2m/0359.html (14 Dec 1998): Mean Earth/Polar Axis - The New Standard ?

http://www.ari.net/b2m/0354.html (13 Nov 1998): A New Standard

http://www.ari.net/b2m/0353.html (29 Oct 1998): The right positions

http://www.ari.net/b2m/0352.html (24 Oct 1998): One Europe - One Moon ?

http://www.ari.net/b2m/0322.html (20 Jul 1998): A Unified Version of Lunar Landing Coordinates

http://nssdc.gsfc.nasa.gov/planetary/lunar/lunar_sites.txt : New page of NSSDC as result of my initiative (updated 3x according development of CLLC)

http://www.ari.net/b2m/0321.html (15 Jun 1998): CLLC-Initiative: An extraterrestrial goal

http://www.ari.net/b2m/0319.html (31 May 1998): CLLC-Initiative expecting new 'laser-exact' lander data

http://www.ari.net/b2m/0317.html (22 May 1998): The CLLC-Initiative: Encouraging advances

http://www.ari.net/b2m/0314.html (14 May 1998): The CLLC-Initiative: First results

http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlkop/stenneck.html (05 Apr 1998): Lost Lunar Landing Sites: The CLLC Initiative

Other related subjects:

http://www.ari.net/b2m/0318.html (31 May 1998): See the 'Man in Moon' (correspondence with a physicist who doesn’t „believe“ in Apollo landings)

http://www.ari.net/b2m/0298.html (21 Apr 1998): First authorized Proposal for a Private Space Flight

http://www.ari.net/b2m/0323.html (21 Jul 1998): 29 years 'Westfalian Peace' on the Moon ?

http://www.ari.net/b2m/0361.html (24 Dec 1998): 30 years ago: A Lunar Christmas

http://www.ari.net/b2m/0377.html (03 Mar 1999): Millennium Award (N. Armstrong in Germany)

Michael Stennecken

President of

Deutsche Raumfahrtgesellschaft e.V. / German Space Society


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